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In early February 2020, we (the 3 founders of Stella) were having some drinks over a few games of pool when the light bulb finally went off. A few months before this, we had decided that we would start a business, but had no idea what that business would be.

Our ideas ranged from a clothing brand, custom app development, a social media platform, and a million others we can’t remember. We had been thinking of business ideas for about a month now and none of them sounded as appealing as the pitch Eric was about to make. He pitched the idea of using our skills to help businesses grow online. It was a no-brainer. We had the perfect team for the job – a developer (Andy), a creative (Mike), and a marketer (Eric).

The idea started with Mike’s dad, Lou. He owned a business that sold lots of knives at huntsman shows, but struggled with online sales. He had an outdated website built by a large company that he never heard from. Eric saw a gap that our team could fill. After the team was on board with Eric’s idea, we approached Lou and asked him if he was open to the idea of letting us manage his online presence. He loved the idea, and Stella (a name that we had not come up with until around April) had their first client.

After we got Lou up and running, we began the process of forming a business and have been growing ever since!

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