Case Study: Quick Sell Valley

September 01, 2021
Eric R
Quick Sell Valley Logo

Client Overview


A few months ago, we were approached by a Quick Sell Valley, a real estate wholesaler that specializes in helping their clients sell their house in 45 days or less.  The main selling point they want to get across to potential customers is a quick, low-stress selling process.  They handle everything from buyer outreach, transaction coordination, all paperwork, and will even assist you in finding a new home!

Pain Points

One of the first things we realized about the overall business is that it has a lot of potential.  They were already growing at a pretty staggering rate in 2021, and wanted to supercharge that growth by leveraging our agency to help them have a more presentable online presence.


After discussing what the owners hoped to accomplish through a relationship with Stella, we landed on a few pain points in their business model that we could help with:

  1. Lack of consistency across all touchpoints of the brand
  2. Website was not optimized
  3. Website had no tracking functionality implemented
  4.  Almost all marketing being done was outbound marketing  (i.e. cold calling potential leads)

The Solution

Business Card Design


The first thing we got started on was a business card design for Roger Boone, the main point of contact for the sellers.  Roger mentioned that he was already satisfied with his logo, so with that in mind, we created a business card design that used the same color palette as his logo.  We wanted him to be able to give any leads a business card that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also drive them to the main lead funnel, their website.


What we came up with




Website Redesign


After we finished up the business cards, it was time to get to work on the website.

The website was a really fun project for us.  Overall, there were two main objectives to accomplish:

  1. Communicate Quick Sell Valley’s value proposition in the simplest and clearest way possible
  2. Convert website visitors to leads by persuading them to submit a form that would then be sent to Quick Sell Valley to follow up on


As we mentioned above, there was previously no tracking or reporting being done on the website, so they had no idea how many users were coming to the site, or what actions they were taking.


We implemented Google Analytics and are now tracking lots of different events on their new website so they can get a better picture of how many visitors convert, what parts of the site they spend the most time on, how users are getting referred to the site, and much more!



What We Came Up With

Search Engine Marketing Campaign


The final piece of the Quick Sell Valley puzzle was a search engine marketing campaign.

Now that we built them a website that will convert visitors to leads, we needed interested visitors!

We started our Google Search Ads campaigns for QSV about 3 weeks ago, so the campaign is still very new, but we have seen some promising initial results that leads us to believe this could be a very profitable channel for getting leads at a low cost.


We’ll be updating this blog post in a few months to share more of the marketing campaign’s results!